Auto Aim, Auto Heal Mod Auto Aim, Auto Heal Mod Auto Aim, Auto Heal Mod

aims at nearest player and heals when you’re hurt (Toggle key: I)

Aims at nearby players and auto heals for the game. Tested on chrome. Apple for auto heal was a bit buggy and too lazy to fix, cookie is more reliable. If you have questions / need help installing / wish to discuss / have a tip for me on my code / want me to add something to this my discord is Andrew#7901

Edit log
1.1 [June 23]: added option to enable/disable aim or heal in case if you want to use them seperately, key is I, and updates are shown in the tab’s title

1.2 [June 24]: updated to the newest version of moomoo

You may not use any of my code in your project except the socket grabber (Lines 51-59). Too much copy pasting going on and stolen credit. If you’re really a developer who wants to make his own project, the only thing you’d need from this is how to get the socket object, anyways.

How to install user scripts?

Download Auto Aim, Auto Heal Mod


  1. guys what are you stupid!
    download tampermonkey to insert it to game!!!

  2. How to use hack or anything? I’m on iPhone or iPad so please tell me if you know how to hack on ios

    • 1st : install the tampermonkey on web store
      2nd : click the *INSTALL THIS SRICPT*
      3rd : reinstall it again
      4th : check the tampermonkey
      5th : check the auto heal turn off and on it again
      dont spam too fast!

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