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Action Macro (SpeedilyBuildItem/ChangeWepon&Hat/…)

  • Using this script may break game balance.
  • Please use it under your own responsibility.

[CapsLock] ToggleHat
[Space] 2 Boost 5 Spike
[0] Change Weapon Mode (Boost or Trap)
[B] Boost, Trap
[C] Ninja Boost
[F] Spike
[G] Spike shield V2
[H] Spike shield V3
[I] 4 Mill
[J] Spike Triangle
[N] 2 Mill
[Q] Cookie
[R] Back Spike
[T] Back Trap
[V] Back 2 Spike
[X] 3 Wall Triangle
[Z] 2 Wall
[Shift] Change Weapon (main or sub)
[R-Click] Boost, PitTrap

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