Ez Hat Switch Hack

Download Ez Hat Switch Hack

Features for Ez Hat Switch Hack: Give yourself an advantage over the other players.

Details for Ez Hat Switch Hack: Use this to “ez”ly switch your hats during a game. You can also customize what keys switch to a certain hat. You can add as many keys as you want and as many hats as you want. In case you do not know how to customize it (instructions in the code) or you just want to stick with the default hats/keys here are the hats/keys:

  • Numpad 0 = No hat
  • Numpad 1 = Bull Helmet
  • Numpad 2 = Soldier Helmet
  • Numpad 3 = Samurai Gear
  • Numpad 4 = Fish Hat
  • Numpad 5 = Bush Gear
  • Numpad 6 = Spike Gear
  • Numpad 7 = Emp Hat
  • Numpad 8 = Booster Hat
  • Numpad 9 = Miner Hat


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Download Ez Hat Switch Hack

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