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Features for Hat Mod 2019: vision mod and hat mod! This is a nice vision mod a made and hat mod its two scripts lol but both mine I give credit to flarez and FΣΓΔΠΨZΣΓΛΓ cause I used some help from flarez and use some peaces from their scripts also cumhur
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if you see me playing say hi I am ?ASSASSINbot? in sandbox im ?ASSASSINs Bot? my team name would be

to use script

musketeer and marksman cap-Numpad 3, Soldier Helmet and Bull Helmet-Numpad 2, Bushido Armor and Halo – Backquote , bull helmet and Samurai Armor – comma , for bull helmet and med gear-Numpad one

║ Free animals ─ f8 | bears/monkey ─ F9 [ 120 ] | Pig / Cow / Sheep / Bull ─ F10 | Free ─ f9 | Animals ─ F6 | police mod ─ BracketRight | All hats ─ BracketLeft

to update chat mod press plus or equal it would open a little tab and you will change what it says press equal/plus
again to close
**some reason the chat mod has stoped working idk y im so sorry Mod Gameplay Mod Gameplay


How to install user scripts? Hat Mod 2019 Hat Mod 2019


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